Googles fixed not really a question just telling people?

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Is there a way for people to be able to tell that you've had sex without you telling them?

***************PLESE READ THIS********************SOME PEOPLE HERE DON'T KNOW WHET THE HELL THEY TALKING ABOUT!MANY people said that "your doctor would be able to tell". That is not true. This is b... Read More »

People have been telling me to keep a stiff upper lip............?

Hi dude; It's just an old phrase, meaning, "Hang in there, it's going to get better". You posted a Q along these lines the other day... Are you OK?Peace,Bobby

How to Stop People Telling You to Be Energetic?

When life really gets you down and you're sporting a frown, you're just no fun to be around. That's when a friend will loudly proclaim that it's such a shame you are so incredibly tame and that sit... Read More »

Who's that guy on youtube that's telling people to "leave Brittney alone"?