Google's Doodle today. Not honoring Good Friday, instead Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Opinion ?

Answer I'm also wondering about Google's reason.

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GMMXLE in google today . What is the MMXL Meaning in Google doodle today ?

Notice for a minute, that the G and the e are different colours from the MMXl. The MMXl are yellow and they stand for the year 2011. In Roman numerals, M = 1000, X = 10. and l = 1. Added together, ... Read More »


Play Twister! That's always fun.Or how about a scavenger hunt. Hide little things around the house, or have your mom or dad do it, and then whoever finds the most items wins a little prize of some ... Read More »

If the late night talk show host are trying to deceive and cover up blogable in 1 week what would be their goal would Alissa Milano help is her get off good for herself when 128 333 42 Hans Klok no?

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How to Be Good at Doodle Jump?

Doodle Jump is an addictive game that can be played on the iPhone, iPod and other mobile devices. There are a couple cheat codes and techniques to help you improve.