Google redirects me on almost any link?

Answer You are having the search redirect virus, also called google redirect virus. Maybe the most common spyware ever created. You can download the isnstant removal tool from my source and it will immedi... Read More »

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How come when i search something on Google then click the link it opens up a new page(Google Chrome Browser)?

its in the search search something (anything!), then go to the options wrench (on the side), then click on search settings, then uncheck the box that says Where results open: Open e... Read More »

How to Link on Google Sites?

How do you hyperlink things?Linking (or hyperlinking) is a good way to direct link into a page on a Google Site or a website address. But, maybe, it can be confusing at first. Here's how to leave t... Read More »

How to Check the Link in Google AdSense?

If you've ever wanted to check a link from a Google AdSense ad running on your website then you might have faced a dilemma. Google AdSense expressly forbids webmasters and publishers from clicking ... Read More »

How to Link to Google Maps Locations?

Google Maps is a useful directional and mapping tool. Google Maps can show traditional maps, complete with roads, cities and landmarks. It can provide a real-world vantage point through a feature c... Read More »