Google redirect virus help.?

Answer You might have got some search toolbar set in your browser. So you might be getting redirected.Check n look into search engine settings of your web browser.Remove unwanted search engine and set Goo... Read More »

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How do I get rid of google redirect virus Need help?

1st of all clear all your cache memory (download cc cleaner and run it. Then click analyse and it will analise all your temporary files from the computer or clear it from browser). Then run your an... Read More »

How can I get rid of the google redirect virus?

I got it too - nightmare! - and downloaded Fix Redirect Virus - this is a list of different ways to fix the problem, with very specific instructions. The first one is the combi fix method - I follo... Read More »

Google Redirect Virus?

You have more likely than not got a Rootkit.A complete pain to get rid of.this generic attack on the infection should put things right.Firstclick on Start > Run. Type in the following into the open... Read More »

How to Remove Google Redirect Virus?

What is it?It is simply a Trojan that redirects your Google (and sometimes other search engines) searches to random sites. Some sites are normal everyday websites one would encounter such as Google... Read More »