Google playstore music question?

Answer No, the play store is linked to google/android devices. Unless you can transfer the music directly from the phone to the computer, you will not be able to burn it to a cd.

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Google playstore for blackberry playbook?

you can get the google play sotre on the playbook but there really is no need since android apps are being ported to the playbookif you stll want to do it check this link Read More »

Can I buy at google playstore using a visa gift card?

Yes, a Visa gift card is good with most all venders online, but you can't use a prepaid or gift card on Paypal.

Question about ?

I just typed in the address for google in my address bar, and google came up. It could be a number of things; it isn't necessarily spyware. Have you downloaded anything that might have given you a ... Read More »

If u have a question use google first?

I KNOW!!! people ask the most stupidest questions sometimes!