Google or Yahoo Whats your opinion?

Answer Yahoo uses Google search engine so either way you're stuck with Google (which there is no competition for anyway). Google does not include ads mixed with search results. The adds are off to the sid... Read More »

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Yahoo or Google Which is more helpful, in your opinion, and why?

Google for search engine.Yahoo for other good services like messenger,mail and answers.

Whats better yahoo or google ?

well both companies have expanded a lot. google used to just be a search engine and now they are doing Gmail and Earth etc... In my opinion, google's search engine is better than yahoo's but the ... Read More »

Whats your opinion?

Your really really prettyim really jelous but i do think you have natural beauty and if you descrease the amount of makeup and give yourself a more nautal look both you and your skin will thank you... Read More »

Whats your opinion on swine flu?

Personally My honest opinion based on past pandemics of influenza'sI think the World Health Organisation directer was telling the truth about this potential pandemicAll past pandemics have all come... Read More »