Google nexus 7 8 GB or 16 GB?

Answer Depends, 8GB is fine for me but remember you can't add storage later.

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About sim for google nexus 4?

Google Nexus 7 Backup?

To get everything, you'll need to use something like Titanium Backup ($6.58) or MyBackup Pro ($4.99).

Google Nexus 7 Screen+App issues?

If some apps work but others don't, it's probably not a hardware issue. Though it will be a pain, your best bet would be to reset your Nexus 7 to factory default ( Read More »

8 GB or 16 GB google nexus 7 ANSWER PROMPT!?

There should be a label on the bottom of the box with a lot of barcodes on it. Near the bottom of the label will be a long line of text that ends in EMMC. To the left of that should be the memory s... Read More »