Google mobile does not opening ?

Answer Go to the mobile web on your cell phone and open your browser and enter the url to save time just save this to favorites.

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Google not opening for me?

Does it say you`re blocked? Even if it doesn`t I would go to Google and read their guideline and terms of service. You may need to show them you`re a real person, sometimes if you do many fast sear... Read More »

Google chrome not opening?

Press ctrl shift and esc on win7 or crtl alt delete on xp. go to processes and end the google chrome one.try opening again.

Why does google chrome keep opening up a new window?

This has been happening me for a few weeks as well and randomly opens new windows when I'm on a tab. So far yours is the first online reference so hoping someone can help as there's certainly nothi... Read More »

Default page on opening new tab in Google chrome?

Go to setting and change your new tab to whatever you want. Then also go to the extensions and delete the AVG extension. Its really pointless. Your AV already catches anything so no point for an ex... Read More »