Google malfunction or virus?

Answer it did not get hacked like some people have saidthis happened because Google uses as its data source for harmful web content. Stop badware had crashed and Google did not have a fail... Read More »

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Google Malware Virus?

The Google malware virus, also known as Google Has Detected and System Protector, is designed to trick you into wasting your money on a rogue anti-malware program for your computer.

The google virus scam?

Be sure you have an up-to-date virus scanner.As far as it being google related, probably not.

Google problems or virus?

Its not a virus because i'm getting the same thing. It is math and science related because on a calculator e=2.71828183. H is planks constant which is 6.626068 x 10^-34 m^2 kg/s. K in the symbol fo... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Google Redirecting Virus?

Viruses and malware have always targeted Internet usage as a way to take advantage of unknowing users. More often than not, it was the existence of vulnerabilities in browsers like Internet Explore... Read More »