Google is really messed up!?

Answer The virus you had may have hijacked your browser, causing Google to redirect to the site that you're describing. Usually when this occurs, though, other popular URLs are affected and redirect as we... Read More »

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Google searches messed up?

Same. Google have seriously ****** something up, but I'm sure they'll correct it soon. And no, it's not malware on your computer.

Is my eye makeup really THAT messed up ?

ok I like it..and it's your style so I'm not gonna tell you to stopped doing and that you are doing it wrong...the look you are trying to go for is almost perfect...but I think what messes it up is... Read More »

This is really messed up, please help?

Nobody has the right to murder an innocent baby, so that's out. If I were you, I would tell him to just **** off, and live your life without him. He is only bringing you problems and grief. I wo... Read More »

If you Google the word "Google", does it really break the Internet?

A flurry of people googling nothing happened.Are you from the IT crowd you have almost paraphrased the same line from it?