Google help?

Answer internet explorer:Tools>Internet Options> in the browsing history section click "delete..."Firefox:hold CTRL + Shift + Delete

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Need help with hard uk junction Help! Top marks rewarded! (google map co ordinates given)?

Providing Bronshill Rd is clear, you should "creep and peep" around the parked vehicle - if you see it is clear to proceed then do so. Do not creep forward if you see vehicles approaching from your... Read More »

Google voice help and youtube help?

If you want to keep it simple, you just have to hold your mic near your speaker. Yea thats the dumbest but the easiest way to do it for you. Otherwise you would want to send the sound output of you... Read More »

Google Maps & Google Earth, but did you know that there is also a Google Moon?

Yeah, definitely! I love Google space. If you look at planets, stars, moons, etc. and there is a picture from the Hubble, it'll come up. Beautiful! That's all I can say.

Help with google.....?

this is an issue with the browser not google, somewhere in the browsers options it is set to always open a link in a new tab, find this setting and remove the tick, this will put it back the way yo... Read More »