Google has a call phone option, its free. Is it safe?

Answer it's free and works great. terrific clarity. as for safe, the software is safe but anything transmitted over the internet can be intercepted

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How much do US free phone (toll-free) numbers cost to call from the UK?

Sadly, it won't be free! It will normally cost the same as any standard international phone call to the USA. That's about 20-25p/min using a BT landline but, of course, you can get much cheaper rat... Read More »

How do i turn off call forwarding to my phone from Google Voice?

Go into the Google Voice web interface Click the Phones tab of your Settings. Your temporary number will be listed at the top of the page. Click Delete to remove the temporary number you've set.

How i can get free call for home phone?

even skype is not free anymore....tomorrow is the last free day...then you gotta pay 14.99 per year....or try this....

Do you have a 3 pay(pay as you go) phone and have you had a call to upgrade for free?

no sorry elric i have a contract phone babe x