Google drive syncing question?

Answer Hi,If you delete a folder or a file in your G drive or on your PC, it will automatically sync with the other.On every delete, a pop up will appear and so you must be careful while seeing it.Hope th... Read More »

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I need help in syncing google chrome?

If you have the newest version of this software then follow these steps:On your old computer open Google Chrome then...1) Open new tab2) If you didn't set any page as home (open this page when brow... Read More »

Syncing galaxy tab 2 with google calander?

You have Android, which has complete integration with Google services...all you have to do is sign in to your Google account and that's it.EDIT: Yes, you're doing something wrong if it do... Read More »

When syncing your iPhone it stays in syncing mail accounts and does not finish the other steps?

Sorry, there is no money cheat for Sims 3 Ambitions. (that anybody knows of) But there is a money cheat for the normal Sims 3 on iPad. First, go to the three dots on the bottom left corner and pres... Read More »

Nexus 7 tablet won't stop syncing to songs on Google Play music storage. How to stop this?

Go into the Play Music app and click the Menu button in the upper right corner. You can choose what music you want on your device, and whether to cache music you stream. You should be able to turn ... Read More »