Google chrome release time?

Answer I would go to sleep. The 3rd item down has a date of Sep 3rd. So I don't know. I do know I click on it and it just takes me to Google.

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Since the release of Google Chrome have you switched from the browser you had been using?

In Windows, I use Chrome and Firefox.In Linux, I use a combination of Firefox, Konqueror, Links, and Seamonkey.I will definitely be using Chrome in Linux when it is released.Not sure if you've done... Read More »

Which Levels in Angry Birds (Google Chrome) Have the Chrome Ball to unlock the Google Chrome Levels?

Levels (0 based)1-16 (15)1-18 (17)1-20 (19)2-4 (24)2-20 (40)3-7 (48)3-14 (55)

Is it possible to have 2 browsers at the same time can i have microsoft ie and google chrome?

Yes. In fact it's a good idea. You need IE to get Microsoft's updates for your Windows and other Microsoft programs. They put out a lot of updates, usually to protect Windows from vulnerabilitie... Read More »

What time is Google chrome (new web browser) available to download?