Google chrome experts, help! why wont this page remove itself from my browsers history?

Answer To delete your search history from Chrome, keep in mind that the steps might not be as obvious as they are with other browsers due to Chrome's streamlined design. However, once you find the Tools m... Read More »

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Any web browsers faster than google chrome?

most important is the internet speed fast enough

Web browsers: Google Chrome, is it better than Mozilla Firefox.?

First of all I should mention the setup. When I installed Chrome, I chose to import all my settings from Firefox to Chrome (bookmarks and history included).Firefox has many features that Chrome doe... Read More »

Is it possible to have 2 browsers at the same time can i have microsoft ie and google chrome?

Yes. In fact it's a good idea. You need IE to get Microsoft's updates for your Windows and other Microsoft programs. They put out a lot of updates, usually to protect Windows from vulnerabilitie... Read More »

How do I set google as my home page (like the page when you open up your google chrome)?

At the top right corner of chrome, you should see a wrench. Click it and select settings. It should bring up a new window and you should see a section "on startup". Select the "open a specific o... Read More »