Google chrome can't open some images , how can i fix it ?

Answer This has already been answered, try Googlin' your problem. there are millions using Chrome.…

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PDF in Google Chrome Won't (ever) open?

Try going to adobe's website and reinstall reader. The plug in probably wasn't installed for chrome.…

Why does Google Chrome go to a new tab instead of my homepage when I open a second window?

Chrome sucks... it is an over-hyped and over-rated system memory hog... and isn't as secure as many seem to think. Use a different browser.

Why won't Netflix open in Google Chrome anymore?

I have a hunch that too many people are attempting to go to the Netflix website all at once and their servers are not capable of supporting that much traffic. I have three web browsers on my comput... Read More »

Google Chrome stopped working & wont let me open it!?

try restarting. If not contact google for help.