Google ads slows down browsing speed?

Answer It sometimes cause slow downs, but I advise you to use an "Ad Blocker"; It stops those sometimes annoying Google Ads that you don't need.

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Why does linksys E1200 slows my speed down 90%?

This is one of my many experiences with Cisco (Linksys, Netgear, Cisco) routers and why I have stuck with D-Link routers for my own personal use. 30 years being an on-site pc and IT repair tech 'if... Read More »

I want an antivirus that do not slow down my Ativius slows down my pc upto 30%?

Best AVs on the market (as an IT and digital arts teacher, have given most a run for their money)Free - AVG (better than many paid-for AV's)Paid-for: Symantec Corporate (is available to anyone via ... Read More »

Does google chrome [web browser] send our browsing information to google ?

you might just want to stick with http://www.collegecomputerguy.blogspot.c… for the computer questions.

.htaccess slows down my server?

Possible you have some kind of recursion going on. Add this right underneath your "RewriteEngine on" line and see if it speeds things up. If so, check your rules for recursive redirects.RewriteOp... Read More »