Google Security Message From Symantec?

Answer Looks like you have a fake antivirus installed onto your computer, I would download malwarebytes and scan your computer, seems very suspicious.

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How to Uninstall a Symantec Network Security Miniport?

After you uninstall Norton software, it may leave an entry in your computer's device list. "Symantec Network Security Miniport," often followed by a number, appears on your computer as a hardware d... Read More »

How to Send a Text Message Using Google?

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What does this message mean when I use Google Chrome Browser?

Here's the same solution I found at several sites. Seems risky. I'd get some help from someone who knows their way around computers or just live with the message box. "Google Chrome is used by many... Read More »

How do i show a link such as in a message?

address it correctly start ~http then://~followed by google ~finish or the appropriate end .could be 99% of addresses the www will not cause problems if omittedeghttp;//www.g... Read More »