Google Play on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Answer Could be a bug in the Google Play software on your phone. Make sure your phone software is up to date, or else try contacting Samsung.

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Samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet, google play store and facebook :(?

restore it to factory thou settings... other wise factory defect or severe virus

How do you update a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (Android 2.1) from Market to Google Play?

it is automatic, if it doesnt that meanit is not supported.

Can I use my Galaxy S2 with allshare to play Netflix on a Samsung TV?

yes, if you are ruku app, you can get it from free.

Is samsung galaxy note 2 also waterproof like samsung galaxy s3?

No such thing as a waterproof phone. A headphone jack or a charging port will let water in. Never mind the speaker and mic.The Galaxy S3 has "waterproof" cases. Consider them water resistant, not... Read More »