Google+ Name change help please!?

Answer Write to the G+ support system. If they refuse to make an exception. You could wait it out for 2 years. Or, if you don't mind, You can download your data and delete your G+ account and create a new... Read More »

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What happened to Google!! I only see a weird name "Topeka", what's that, why did google change its name?

Google help. Please?

if u want to delete it there should be a arrow pointing down next to ur search space and if u click that there is something at the bottom that says "clear history" and everything should be deleted:)

Reached name changing limit on Google+, but need to change my name again?

go to scroll to the very bottom. at the Very most bottomest bottom, there should be information on downgrading your account from Google+. And about your name... Read More »

Google Earth help please?

Your system specifications maybe too limited-low for this app!!.Here's system requirements.http://freegoogleearth.blogspot.comThis is a fun alternative to Google Earth, but they are down at the mom... Read More »