Google Maps, When were the Satellite Pictures Taken?

Answer it does say at the bottom of the photo what year they were taken somewhere

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How to Print Google Maps Satellite Images?

Google Maps allows you to view a map of anyplace in the world. The maps are available in two formats: map, which is a traditional road map, and satellite, which is an actual photograph taken from a... Read More »

Is there a way to save a satellite photo off Google Maps?

Well once you have it pulled up on your screen you can hit the "Print screen" button on your keyboard. Then open "paint" (start ---> programs--->accessories----paint) and go to edit---> paste. You... Read More »

On google maps when you zoom in on satellite, is it in real time or just on old photograph?

Its an old photograph, there is no such thing as real time when it comes to satellite imagery with that much resolution. The imagery was probably taken within the past two years.

How does Google Maps get all the pictures of houses?

They have a network of Google Cars with a camera mount on top that drive around and record images as they go along. I think they're limited to public access roads, however. There are some private r... Read More »