Google Images, A Terrorist's Best Friend?

Answer yea that is the "google earth" program i think you are talking about. it has a flight sim and has a real make of the entire world. it is fun for a little while, but then gets real dull.

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Is it illegal to copy images from google images?

Its only illegal to copy images if they have a copyright on them or a copyright watermark. Also some picture's servers will not allow you to download the picture you are looking at, so its best not... Read More »

How do youu upload images onto Google Images?

You don't. Google indexes images by looking at caption text, alt text etc and then simply points to the images it finds. So if you're searchable via google and you have images with the relevant tag... Read More »

How do i upload images to "Google Images"?

They do it. The pics aren't really uploaded, they're searched by the Google-bots and they do their Google-math and decide how the image will come up. It's an index If you want to increase your chan... Read More »

How do i upload images to Google images ?

use picasa, you can upload it, customize it and shared to specific people