Google Detection?

Answer Google just needs to know that your site is there in order to read the content. You don't necessarily need to add meta tags. They help but they're not as big of a deal as they used to be.Add your s... Read More »

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Will mooning (explosing your bum) to a smile-detection camera active smile detection?

As far as I can tell, smile-detectors look for two dots on top (eyes), a faint veritcal line (nose) and a horizontal line (mouth.) Most people have the vertical line, but unless you have really pr... Read More »

What is blink detection?

Blink detection, often referred to as the "blinkies" allows the photographer to view highlights within a photograph which have been blown out due to overexposure. On more advanced cameras, like dig... Read More »

What is intrusion detection?

Intrusion detection is a very effective way to monitor and detect security threats in network systems. The ultimate goal is to deter and stop a security breach by an unauthorized attacker to malici... Read More »

Paranormal Detection Equipment?

Paranormal detection equipment is essential for both amateur and professional ghost hunters alike. Not only will the correct equipment increase your chances of detecting paranormal phenomena, it ma... Read More »