Google Chrome what do people think. Do I have to uninstall Explorer to try it out?

Answer You can make a bit of cash if you could figure out how to uninstall Internet Explorer.

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Why most people in India use Mozilla or Google Chrome browser than Internet explorer?

The Reason is Mozilla Firefox and Chrome are Faster Browsers..Among Them Mozilla Firewfox is The Most Powerful Browser in The World's History! And You can not get infected with virus from internet,... Read More »

Which Levels in Angry Birds (Google Chrome) Have the Chrome Ball to unlock the Google Chrome Levels?

Levels (0 based)1-16 (15)1-18 (17)1-20 (19)2-4 (24)2-20 (40)3-7 (48)3-14 (55)

Uninstall Google Chrome?

If you are having problems resolving some fatal errors or other unknown problems that you might have with Google Chrome, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix them. If your currently i... Read More »

What is better Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

Google Chrome because it's:FasterDoesn't crash all the timeCustomizableOpera's really good on all three accounts two but you get less downloadable things for it.Google also has a great user-friendl... Read More »