Google Chrome stopped working & wont let me open it!?

Answer try restarting. If not contact google for help.

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Why did firefox and chrome stopped working?

In reality, running a PC without Anti-Virus is a stupid idea. And, even with Anti-Viral software, your computer is not at risk. As long as you keep it updated, it will destroy a virus if it finds o... Read More »

My opera, internet explorer and monzilla are not working whereas google chrome is working what to do now?

Check if your firewall is blocking the programs, usually there is one in your router and on your pc. Anti-Virus programs may have them built in as well. Try uninstalling Mozilla and opera and reins... Read More »

My Google browser not working / something is blocking google chrome?

Either reset Browerf you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista :Press Windows Key + R to bring up command prompt. Enter " %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data " without quotes and press enter.. Yo... Read More »

Why wont google chrome show red?

better you use firefox. it works fine without any issue.