Google Chrome, how to remove a pinned tab (unsure of the name)?

Answer Click and drag, and a bin should appear in the bottom right corner, just drag it over there.

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Which Levels in Angry Birds (Google Chrome) Have the Chrome Ball to unlock the Google Chrome Levels?

Levels (0 based)1-16 (15)1-18 (17)1-20 (19)2-4 (24)2-20 (40)3-7 (48)3-14 (55)

What is the difference between the standard Google Chrome and Google Chrome Beta?

Releasing Beta version of any product is common. Before releasing its final product companies release its Beta version which means testing and check consumer's response. As the name suggest they te... Read More »

How do I remove IM VU as my search engine on google chrome?

to change your search engine you need to go to the settings button on google chrome under the exit button and click on the 'settings' option. it should open a new tab which should show the sub head... Read More »

How to Remove Ads on Google Chrome Using AdBlock?

Are you annoyed with irritating advertisements on Google Chrome? Well be annoyed no further, because I'm here to tell you how to get rid of them!