Google Chrome Won't Let Me Sign Into Youtube!?

Answer First try a different browser to ensure that the problem is with Chrome. Then delete your cookies, history, etc. If that doesn't work, also delete all temporary internet files. If that doesn't w... Read More »

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Where Do I Sign Into Google Chrome?

Click the settings button, the 3 horizontal lines. Click sign into chrome should be below downloads and above settings. You will need to login with a gmail account. You can also get there by goin... Read More »

Why wont my youtube/google/facebook homepage wont work?

Have you installed any extensions lately..??I suggest you to reset Chrome :)If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista :Press Windows Key + R to bring up command prompt. Enter " %LOCALAPPDATA%\Goo... Read More »

Why wont google chrome show red?

better you use firefox. it works fine without any issue.

Google Chrome stopped working & wont let me open it!?

try restarting. If not contact google for help.