Google Chrome Sync Error: Sign In Again?

Answer Google Chrome should not be doing that, so follow the following steps and see if it helps:1. Re-install Google Chrome. Uninstall Google Chrome first, then download and run the setup file again, fol... Read More »

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How to Enable Sync in Google Chrome?

Sync in ProgressIt is well known that Google Chrome is the fastest browser ever as it support HTML5 and it was first browser to support HTML5. Now a new thing, Google Chrome had given a functionali... Read More »

Why wont my google chrome connect to internet ERROR 102?

We've found that malware is frequently the culprit on your computer that's preventing Google Chrome from connecting to a web server. Cookies are files created by websites you've visited to store br... Read More »

Where Do I Sign Into Google Chrome?

Click the settings button, the 3 horizontal lines. Click sign into chrome should be below downloads and above settings. You will need to login with a gmail account. You can also get there by goin... Read More »

The server's security certificate is not yet valid - Google Chrome Error?

Go to google search engine and press gmail on their tabs bar should take you there