Good website to edit a picture of myself?

Answer Hey!Lunapic is also a great site for online photo editing: are few more other sites: fun using ... Read More »

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What is a good website to edit your pictures?

Simplest thing. EVER.…And it makes stuff look like it was made with expensive stuff.This is the easiest one, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop are a little more... Read More »

How do you do this picture edit?

One word:Photoshop.A few more words:It's expensive but i'm pretty sure 80% of people who have it got it illegally :P

How can i edit my picture?

Use Microsoft office Picture Manager and crop it or use photoshop...

How to Edit the Size of a Picture?

Resizing a picture is a common computer task, whether you're changing the picture's size to accommodate a publishing layout or reducing the size of picture files to save disk space or to reduce ban... Read More »