Good website for bags ?

Answer AccesorizeAmazon x x

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What's the best website with a good tutorial for building your own website?

This website can give you some ideas.…Well, basically to make a dynamic website you'll need to know at least HTML, Java Script, 1 server sided web language... Read More »

Good Bags for College?

Part of the experience of going to college is carrying books -- and that could mean one book or several books. The challenge is to find one good bag that is both durable and strong and yet remains ... Read More »

Good bags/backpacks for college?

I am in college as well, and I use a Thirty One 'keep it cool' backpack. They have nice padded shoulder straps, and a padded laptop case. And the best part is they are only $39. It has held up grea... Read More »

How can I weed out a good contractor from amongst the douche bags?

The advice given to me which I shall give to you is...Get referencesCall references, ask how the job went? also if there were any problems did he fix them?Okay I went searching around and found thi... Read More »