Good way to learn HTML?

Answer I liked but others like . Learning HTML or XHTML is not hard it is something you can do in a weekend if you just practice it and use the tools available ... Read More »

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Good place to learn HTML?

yeah, w3schools is good but there's another side to it :http://w3fools.combut I wouldn't necessarily take it too seriously. Google "learn HTML" and first page, second page, even 92nd page of result... Read More »

How to Learn HTML?

An example of HTML source code from an editing programHTML is the abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language, and is the code, or language that is used for the creation of websites. HTML can be a l... Read More »

Hi i know basic html and css but i want to learn more about these. what do you recommend?

If you are interested in learning how a website is developed then grab yourself a web design program such as Coffeecup html editor. Their program offers an instant preview window so you can see how... Read More »

How easy is it to learn html web page design?

HTML may look confusing at first, but after a few lessons learning the basics of HTML it will seem easier and easier. I began learning HTML at 13, just by using MS Notepad and then moving onto Macr... Read More »