Good very dark filter 52mm?

Answer What you need is called a Neutral Density (ND) filter. Now lets see what power you'll need by using the "Sunny 16 Rule" which states: "On a sunny day, shoot at f16 with a shutter speed of 1/ISO." W... Read More »

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Is 52mm filter will fit to your nikon D40?

It doesn't depend on the camera body, it depends on the size of the lens. DON'T confused size of lens for focal length. If you can't find the specs for your lens, just measure it.

Will a 52mm ND filter fit my 50mm?

Look on your lens and you will find this symbol, Ø alongside a number. Eg, Ø52. Whatever the number is next to this symbol on your lens is the filter size you need. So, Ø52= 52mm lens, Ø50=50mm... Read More »

Will 52mm filter supports 200mm lens?

What is the benefit from a 62mm filter vs 52mm on telephoto lens?