Good traditional Indian recipies :) :) :)?

Answer Really a good site for indian recipes.....http://www.inhouserecipes.comHope you will also like it.......

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Anyone know any good hummus recipies?

Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor:Take about one half cup of sesame tahini--it's like peanut butter and is found on grocery shelves in the Middle Eastern food section or in most he... Read More »

Does anyone kniw of any good bloatfly recipies?

Bloatflies are similar to those houseflies which feeds on waste materials like rotten fruits and vegetables, bad dead meat and carry tons of bateria on its legs. If you brought one insect home like... Read More »

Traditional Indian Hairstyles?

Women's hairstyles in India revolve around aesthetic preferences and practical considerations. Indian women's hair is typically dark, thick and glossy. Hairstyles for special occasions aim to pull ... Read More »

What Are Traditional Indian Foods?

Traditional food in India is diverse and varies from region to region. In the desert region of Gujarat and Rajasthan, few fresh vegetables are used, whereas in the north and west regions, vegetable... Read More »