Good price on a BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS, LARGE computer monitor?

Answer For US$200 you're looking at either a 24-ish inch cheap monitor with old LCD technology and a cold cathode lamp. Alternatively, you can spend the $200 on a GOOD monitor, in which case you're lookin... Read More »

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Which is best 19 inch TFT monitor for computer and yes please tell me price of the same?

I have owned and used computers for some time and let a coworker convinced me into spending $$ buying some great IT products for my home that we used in our office like HP laserjet printers and bac... Read More »

What is a good large sized PC monitor for gaming?

Real gamers don't use > 24" screens. Anything bigger than 24 inches means you have to sit too far from the screen and you don't get any better pixel density (ie, a 24" screen with 1920/1200 is goi... Read More »

Where can i buy a Monitor audio AVBR5 surround sound cheap. have you found a good price at shop or net?

Is this good for a computer monitor?

Yeah it should be alright. Though if you find a screen with 1920*1080 res it would give you a more clear image (which would somewhat result in better graphics) and the ms is good.