Good prank calls to annoying people that you hate?

Answer Don't know of any, I'm mature enough to not prank people because that's just annoying, nor do I have the monstrosity to say that I hate people either, I have a little more respect than that.

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Annoying Prank Calls?

If you really want the calls to stop, don't let her know that they bother you. Just keep quiet and keep to yourself about them. When she answers, let it ring and go to the answering machine. And do... Read More »

Prank calls to ppl you hate?

haha my besty & i did his once . Call her up, and say this -- well , scream it franticly : _____

What are good prank calls?

•Call two of the same restaurants and not talk•Call hookers•Call people who lost items and tell them you might have found it•Call a random number telling them we have your glow in the dark ... Read More »

Any good prank calls!?

Talk in a nerd voice and say I saw your Facebook and I like what I see. I know more things but I'm too lazy to type so yups