Good laptop for Animation purpose?

Answer You should go with the Dell Inspiration because me myself have one and it fits all my gaming and graphics applications . its very good for Photoshop, mx, coral draw etc

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Looking for a laptop for college, going into digital art or animation?

Ksher Im wondering the same thing. I wont hijack your post but would like to share the input if you dont mind. I have an Imac and while I do love the layout and design I dont think it makes much ... Read More »

Can someone think of a good YouTube channel name for cartoons and animation?

I think "Peanuts and Palm Trees". Don't think too deep!

What is a good camera for lego stop motion animation?

LEGO actually makes a camera specifically for stop-motion. Copy the link to see the picture of it.…

Do you think this is a good idea for a dramatic and action cat animation on YouTube?

That is so cool! Youll have to share it with me when your done!! you can post it in the forums here if u want to: