Good grief ... what a fright ...?

Answer Ha ha, yeah. Scares the socks off of you doesn't it! I always have the sound turned down real low until I want to listen to something. Saves all that messing about trying to dry out the keyboard... Read More »

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What is stage fright?

According to the University of Northern Iowa School of Business Administration, stage fright is a physical fear of public speaking that can tighten your throat, increase your pulse, make your lips... Read More »

How to Reduce Stage Fright?

Have you ever felt your palms getting sweaty and body shaking in front of a crowd or audience? Don't worry ,you are not alone. Overcoming stage fright can be a difficult task, but if you are determ... Read More »

Stage Fright Symptoms?

Stage fright is a condition that occurs before a performance or presentation in front of a large group of people. The presenter becomes anxious at the thought of carrying out this task. Actors, spe... Read More »

Stage Fright Phobia?

The "stage fright phobia," or more simply "stage fright," is the fear of being in certain places or in certain situations, such as on stage, in front of people. The technical term for this fear is ... Read More »