Good gaming computer Help?

Answer The 2nd gen 3930k is a very good CPU but a more recent 3rd gen 3770k is essentially as fast in games and cheaper so it's more bang per dollar. Another gain is that the 3770k uses the z77 motherboar... Read More »

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I want a good computer with good memory for gaming and music etc. but it cant cost too much.. please help!?

Hi Nadia,The criteria you have given for a new PC are really open, since it seems that your not going to be needing it for any high demand applications you don't need to go over board and you can g... Read More »

Gaming Computer Help?

The X51 is the better. With your max price, this computer should run your games (Runescape, Diablo 1 - 3, Starwars Old Republic, Age of Conan, etc) smoothly at highest detail setting.

Gaming computer rig help?

Pay no attention to John, he has no idea what he's doing. That rig is perfect for that price range, just might want to upgrade the graphics card.

Is my gaming computer any good?

It would be a work of art if you had 8 gigs of ram