Good free movie download sites/?

Answer theres this site for free where u don't have to download any movies but can watch them for freeits really easyu can watch new movies,oldmovies and evenn tv showsu just have to make an account but i... Read More »

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What are good sites to download music from for free?

Limewire or Frostwire is good for single songs. and a client such as utorrent would be good for entire albums. Just realize that downloading songs for free is illegal (if you don't ow... Read More »

What kind of sites music download sites are free?

For _legal_ mp3 downloads, try eMusic (see )What I like most about them:- their selection is exceptional. Being a music junkie for 20+ years, I've never before came across ... Read More »

Is there a good, free, movie editor i can download somewhere?

DVD TOOLSVideo utilities:trakAxPCcreate music and video mixestrakAxPC enables you to create professional music and video mixes without any special skills or technical expertise. It provides a drag ... Read More »

Making movies: What are some good sites to download royalty-free video clips and sound clips?

Here's a place that has links to all sorts of places that offer free audio samples. video sample sites you have to be more specific about what you want. Her... Read More »