Good foods for Paleo road trip?

Answer Will you have a cooler or ice pack? Here's some suggestions, some need to be kept cold or they'll spoil so use your own discretionOrganic beef jerkeyTrail mixPre-made saladsFruitYam chipsEgg salad

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How to Make a Good Road Trip Mix?

So you're going on a road trip. A good road trip mix sets the mood of the trip and makes you excited to be on the road.

What snacks are good for a road trip?

Crackers, Gummies, Chips, any thing small. Also drinks are nice. Things I do before a road trip is make things at home and bring them. Like for snack make brownies cut in squares and put in lil bag... Read More »

Good apps to get for an 18 hour road trip?

These are on the iphone some may be on the android app store sorry. I have had many apps that come and go but i honestly think these are the best ones. Im not sure which ones cost money because whe... Read More »

What are good foods to eat on a long car trip if you get sick easily?

%REPLIES% Answer eating healthy, nutritious food is easier for your system to digest than empty calorie snacks high in fat, sugar and sodium. drink plenty of water. And a really good "old wives t... Read More »