Good diet veggie full fibre also wanna be taller?

Answer I am a vegetarian tooo, and i am pretty sure you need more protein than fibre. and i am sure there is no way to may yourself taller, but muscles help to make you look taller!!! as for what y... Read More »

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How to Increase Fibre in Diet?

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High fibre vegetarian diet?

Most fruits and veggies are choc full of fibre, just eat a wide range. Eat potatoes with their skin.Breakfasts: Oatmeal/porridge with dried or fresh fruit-Wholemeal toast with nut butter (regular p... Read More »

I'm wanna eat fish, but i'm a veggie?

Get some fish and chips, quit depriving yourself. Life is about enjoyment!

Is there a deliciously tasty and nutritious way to incorporate more fibre in your diet as a snack and how?

Eat vegetables and fruit every day - five types of vegies and three types of fruit. Don't go for the processed and artificial stuff. Let's try and get everyone back to natural, raw food.Celery is... Read More »