Good deal on this monitor?

Answer Anything is better than that CRT. If you really want it go for it. But if I were you I would go with brand name products like Samsung, LG, Acer, because they don't take shortcuts with their product... Read More »

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Is this a good deal or bad deal--found a 1987 VW Cab Karmann edition the motor has 169000 on it interior and body looks good all electrical appears to work top needs repl and can pick it up for 1300?

Is this good for a computer monitor?

Yeah it should be alright. Though if you find a screen with 1920*1080 res it would give you a more clear image (which would somewhat result in better graphics) and the ms is good.

Good PC gaming monitor?

Any monitor you get that is bigger will work, what you should look into if you're worried about the resolution is your graphics card. Every graphics card has a limit to the resolution that they're ... Read More »

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