Good cheap food ideas that will last a while?

Answer A lot of canned foods, frozen dinners, cereals and processed goods (chicken). Hopefully this helps.

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What are some good cheap Halloween food ideas for a party?

I’m also in the midst of planning a Halloween get together! I found some unique and fun Halloween recipes. I already tried the popcorn balls and they were a hit. Enjoy! Read More »

What are some good cheap (and I mean cheap) decorating ideas?

my sister-in-law made her own curtains. She used two curtain rods in each window (the ones that do not require nails to hang but are kind of like the shower curtain rods, and u can purchase them at... Read More »

Cheap Fundraising Food Ideas?

At many fundraisers, food is provided for participants. Whether you are selling food for a profit or providing it as a courtesy for attendees, it is helpful to choose options that keep costs down. ... Read More »

Fast, cheap, and easy party food ideas?

$10 - wow not very much for your kids first birthday try this recipeJ'S PARTY POTATO SALAD 2 lbs. boiled potatoesCut up. Take to party and ask everyone to add their own seasonings. Ha Ha just ki... Read More »