Good Way to Clean Wheels?

Answer The wheels of a car often endure a lot of abuse, as they are quite nearly in contact with the road as well as all the dirt, mud, road salt and debris that has accumulated on the road. This leaves y... Read More »

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How Do I Clean KMC Wheels?

KMC rims and wheels represent some of the most sought-after aftermarket products on the market today. As they are a considerable investment, the owner who takes prides in the appearance of his KMC ... Read More »

How to Clean Mag Wheels?

Mag car wheels are attractive, but the wheels do attract dirt and dust from the air as well as asphalt and debris from the roads the wheels travel on. Over time, asphalt and debris builds up on the... Read More »

How to Clean VTX Wheels?

The Honda VTX is a brand of motorcycle that was introduced in 2002 with the 1800 series; a smaller version of the bike was made available for purchase in 2003. These motorcycles are ridden by Honda... Read More »

How to Clean BBS Wheels?

BBS wheels are some of the finest alloy wheels in the world and are widely used by high-end manufacturers as well as race teams. In order to maintain the value and appearance of your BBS wheels, cl... Read More »