Good Types of Soil?

Answer Good soil is a challenge to define. Each plant has its soil preferences. Some thrive in sandy, well-drained soil while others prefer poorly drained areas. Even nursery-raised plants come from wild ... Read More »

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Six Types of Soil?

Before you realize your dream garden, and your favorite plants and flowers can lead healthy lives, you have to choose the right kind of soil. Understanding the benefits and weaknesses of each type ... Read More »

5 Types of Soil?

Soil is the most important consideration when growing plants. All types of soils contain solid materials and open space. The solid material includes minerals and organic matter. The open space allo... Read More »

3 Soil Types?

Soil exists all over the earth; however, few people understand the diversity that lies right beneath them. Soil comes in many different types---depending upon its location. Understanding the differ... Read More »

Soil Types for Paving?

Paving can be done on many different soil surfaces. Sand, topsoil and clay are all soils that roads, sidewalks and patios are built upon. Each of these surfaces requires special considerations and ... Read More »