Good Soil for Cucumber Growth?

Answer Cucumbers grow in a variety of soils, so long as they have sufficient water and eight hours of sunlight daily. Plant these frost-tender plants only after the last expected frost and amend the soil ... Read More »

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Is Soil Better for Plant Growth Than Potting Soil?

Owning your own land and home is a big part of the American dream, just as sweet a thought as homemade apple pie. Numerous states, including West Virginia, have plenty of land available. Whether yo... Read More »

Insect Growth Regulator & Cucumber Beetles?

Insect growth regulators (also known as IGRs) work by interrupting and inhibiting the natural growth cycle of an insect. By inhibiting the growth cycle, insects cannot reach the critical reproducti... Read More »

Is soil necessary for plant growth?

No. Many plants can be grown in soilless environments as long as the nutritional needs are met. spagnum or peat moss can be used. Shredded paper and sawdust can also be used. Hydroponics is the sci... Read More »

Will different kinds of soil affect a plants growth?