Good Lens for taking sports pictures with nikon d3000?

Answer There are two major considerations when buying a zoom lens for shooting sports whether indoors or out:1) Lens speed. Faster is always better. Since f2.8 seems to be the current limit for zoom lense... Read More »

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How to take good action pictures with nikon d3000?

What lens is the best for taking action sports shots with a Nikon D40x?

Is a Nikon P90 better than a Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm lens?

The P 90 is a bridge camera with a built-in lens. A bridge camera is more or less an advanced point & shoot that fills the gap between your credit card size cameras & a DSLR. The D3000 is a better ... Read More »

What is good lens for taking indoor portraits with a Nikon D40?

To photograph lightning, you have to a pretty large extent get lucky! You have to get into a position where you can see the lightening. You will need a tripod and a cable release.With the camera on... Read More »