Good Lens for taking sports pictures with nikon d3000?

Answer There are two major considerations when buying a zoom lens for shooting sports whether indoors or out:1) Lens speed. Faster is always better. Since f2.8 seems to be the current limit for zoom lense... Read More »

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Is it worth getting a 55-200mm lens for a Nikon D40 when taking sports photography?

I would definitly answer "yes" to the best quality lens you can afford. I shoot soccer as an advanced hobby and find that even the 70-200mm VR lens is sometimes not long enough, so I've broken down... Read More »

What lens is the best for taking action sports shots with a Nikon D40x?

How to take good action pictures with nikon d3000?

Is the Nikon D3000 good at taking equine photography action shots?

The Nikon D3000 has 10.1 megpixel resolution, and can be a good entry level choice for equine action photography. Nikon's Nikkor lens quality is excellent, the camera features image stabilization, ... Read More »