Good High School Science Projects About Chocolate?

Answer Spice up your science classroom by experimenting with chocolate. Before you start, research the properties and history of chocolate. Not every "chocolate" bar that you buy actually contains chocola... Read More »

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Science Projects About Pollution for High School?

Deciding on a science fair project can be quite a task. With more public awareness focusing on an eco-friendly environment, students should consider choosing a topic on pollution. There are many ki... Read More »

High School Science Projects About the Greenhouse Effect?

The greenhouse effect is the principle that energy from the sun that would otherwise be reflected back into space by the Earth's surface is instead trapped because of the presence of certain gases ... Read More »

High School Science Fair Projects About Music?

High school science fairs can be fun and fascinating. They give children the opportunity to build their self-confidence and show off their skills in wide-ranging projects. Children interested in mu... Read More »

High School Science Fair Projects Involving Forensic Science?

In forensic science, high school students learn the elements of a criminal investigation and how the science is applied in court. Science projects about forensic science hold many possibilities. St... Read More »