Good, Easy and Quick Food Activities for Preschoolers?

Answer While some preschoolers may race to the table at meal time, others may refuse to eat anything but popcorn. Creative activities will help get any child interested in food, and these easy and quick a... Read More »

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What are some good ideas for a "winter food" for preschoolers that would be easy to make...?

ants on a log celery with peanut butter on it topped with raisins

Quick & Easy Activities for Homeroom?

Homeroom is a place where students go for a short amount of time everyday. Some homerooms only last for a short time, perhaps 20 minutes. As a result, the activities have to be quick and easy to se... Read More »

Finger Food Activities for Preschoolers?

Finger foods not only give preschoolers practice at eating, but also they help improve fine motor control. Combined with some interesting activities, finger foods can help teach colors, shapes, sor... Read More »

Science Activities Using Food for Preschoolers?

You can give preschool students a taste of science by using food. Preschool children learn best with hands-on experience, and they can have fun with these experiments. They are very simple but will... Read More »