Good Customer Service Ideas?

Answer Positive customer service experiences can increase a company's professional profile and lead to increased business. Customers appreciate good customer service and are more likely to purchase brands... Read More »

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How to Get Good Customer Service when Talking to a Customer Service Representative?

There are thousands of products and services on the market that have customer service provided by thousands of customer service representatives. This is how to get those representatives to give you... Read More »

Healthcare Customer Service Ideas?

Whether you have a private practice, or you are part of a large healthcare organization, you need use good customer service practices to grow your patient base. When patients are satisfied with the... Read More »

Customer Service Recruiting Ideas?

Customer service is the core of any business, so the strategies used for interviewing, managing and supporting new recruits should be given careful consideration. When you have the best people on y... Read More »

Ideas on Improving Rapport in Customer Service?

Your rapport, or relation, with customers as a customer service representative is important in the communication process. How you communicate with customers can dictate the results of your conversa... Read More »